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Camogie Committee


Mary Barry Larkin




Breda Considine


Assistant Secretary:

Aileen Hanley 




Niamh Mangan (086) 196 2597


Children's Officer:

Hilary Pratt & Clodagh Reaboi




Annie Browne (086) 1727902



Aileen Nestor



Camogie Development Officer:

Alan Browne (087) 6978682



County Board Delegate:

Mary Barry Larkin 



Mike Larkin


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Camogie Head Coaches


Brian Tobin

Mbl: (087) 297 9576

Useful Links

Limerick Camogie:


Camogie Association:

Here at Mungret St. Pauls Camogie Club, we champion women and girls in sport.

Our Aim:


To provide an inclusive, enjoyable, and lifelong involvement in the game for every single woman and girl who comes through the gates of our club.


Advantages of playing Camogie:


A female team sport, such as camogie, builds so much more than teams. No matter your camogie ability, it encourages new friendships, boosts physical and mental fitness, improves self-esteem, helps deal with pressure and much, much more. All under the watchful eyes of our fully-qualified and Garda-vetted coaches.


Change the cultural perception:


In the past, camogie may not have been as visible as other sports and with this came an assumption that it was not as skilful or as exciting to watch. Well, Mungret St. Pauls Camogie are here to prove this assumption wrong, as we have already shown in 2020 when we pledged to champion the 20X20 Women in Sport Campaign! Each volunteer in our club is encouraged to continue to create a cultural shift so that our players are seen as strong, valuable, talented individuals, and worth celebrating! We strive to increase visibility and recognise and reward our players efforts, no matter how big or small they are.


“Why Mungret St Pauls Camogie?”


If you are reading this, there is a chance that you, or a family member, are interested in joining our camogie club. Well, think no more! Pass our club grounds any day of the week and you will see more than enough reasons to come on board. We see each of our camogie players as ambassadors for Mungret St. Pauls, proud representatives and promoters of the sport and our community.

Maybe……  you have a daughter who has just started school? – She is welcome!

                      you want to increase your niece’s circle of friends? – She is welcome!

                    you have recently moved to the area to work/live and want to keep fit? – You’re welcome!

And if your playing days are behind you, you are welcome too, because we can never have enough volunteers!


There is a job for everyone!

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