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Boys played our visiting team St. Malachy’s this morning with a very low scoring result but Mungret St. Pauls were the winners on the score 0-5 to 0-3.

Girls played their visitors Clg AnTearmainn with a high scoring game with only a point in it 4-2 to 3-6 to Termon

Boys and Girls are both through to Semi finals tomorrow having beating their opponents in the Quarter finals.
St. Malachy’s (our boys visiting team) also into the Semi Final.
Clg AnTearmainn (our girls visiting team) had a late start but came out successful also.

Mungret St Pauls Boys Play our visitors again St Malachy’s Castledawson tomorrow in the Semi Final with the winners playing against the winners of the Thomas Davis (Dublin) V. Cromane/Glenbeigh/Glencar (Kerry) match.

Mungret St Pauls Ladies play Gaultier GAA Club again at 12.30 in Rathkeale

No update on Clg AnTearmainns match tomorrow as they just won.

A great day for Mungret St. Pauls with all teams progressing to the Semi Finals
Well done to all the players and mentors- Enjoy the nights entertainment.

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