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On the hallowed grounds of Limerick GAA the U16 met a great match in the Doon team as they both put in a great performance on the pitch on Friday night in typical Irish weather. With Kilmallock winning the match previous meant the winner of this semifinal were facing them in the Final. Mungret St. Pauls took to the pitch with confidence and took immediate control. The first half was a tight game with only one point in Mungret St. Pauls favour to take the lead on the return to the pitch. The players knew they had to put more on the score board to make a difference. At one stage they had pulled ahead by 10 points only for Doon to shake it back. The whistle eventually blew with Mungret St. Pauls the victors on the score line Munget St. Pauls 2-11 to Doon 1-9. Mungret. They now face into the County final for the third year in a row having won in U14 and U15 previously. We wish them the best and hope everyone comes out to support this fantastic talented bunch of players.


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