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The division 3 team went first on the pitch against Askeaton/Ballysteen. Mungret St. Pauls played an impressive game, they all put in the hard work and worked well together. They knew they had a challenge and they never gave up. This game has prepared this team for the U13 matches they are to play before the year ends. Well done to the players as this was the last match for them in this group with most of the team being a year younger than their opposition they did well and look forward to next years U14 matches in the D1 section.

The division 1 team greeted Kilpeacon to the pitch. Kilpeacon took immediate control and looked like they may of had the better of our boys. This match really took off in the second half. Being 4 points down at half time the half time words must of sunk in as Mungret St. Pauls started to add to the score and drew the match to a draw. Some silly frees allowed Kilpeacon to take the lead back but not for long as the ball was dropped into the back of the Kilpeacon net to bridge a gap. The supporters were out of their seats at this stage (5 mins of play left), The sliotar was sent from one end of the pitch to the other. Mungret  St. Pauls started to take control of the score board and by the final whistle had brought a 9 point lead. This team have one more match to play in 2 weeks agaisnt Na Piarsaigh in Caherdavin.


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