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Mungret St. Pauls met Monaleen in the Crescent Comprehensive school for the first round of the Féile competition. Mungret came out strong racking up 1-3 in the first half with Monaleen missing a lot of shots and putting nothing on the score board when the whistle blew for half time. The second half was a different match with Monaleen starting to put points on their score board, Mungret were struggling and only managed to add one point. There were some great saves on the goal line for the goalie and the backs working strong together. The midfield line were moving the ball along the pitch with some well worked play. The forwards managed to get 80% of their shots on target between the uprights. Monaleen were the stronger of the two team and they progress on to play in the next round on their two point win.

Mungret St. Pauls are not finished with the Féíle football as they are a host team this year, we look forward to seeing these guys again.

Mungret St Pauls 1-4 Monaleen 1-6

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