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Another record for the club. A year to remember for the club and this group of players. It was expected to be a tight match but it ended up being an edge of the seat match for both sides. With a lot of the players having been in Rathkeale for the Football a few weeks before, it was not a new pitch to them. They knew what was expected of them and with the sliotar in play it was seeing both ends of the pitch with not much scores being recorded. As it turned out it was the last few minutes of the match that dictated who was to win as the sliotar lazily rolled over the Ballybrown goal line to give Mungret St. Pauls their 2 point lead over Ballybrown and the win. Well done to all the players and the mentors also to the supporters who traveled to the last Juvenille final for 2015, a great way to end. Fianl score 1-04 to 0-05. This U13 cup now joins the U14 Jack Lyons Cup, U14 Féile Cup and U16 Shane Horrigan Cup again- possibly the only time they have been in the same place has been in the Gaelic Grounds. A lot to live up to for next year.

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