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St. Kierans had only 14 men on the field and Mungret had a nice amount of subs where a roll on roll off was used. A great result for Mungret 1-10 to 1-3IMG_9575 IMG_9573 IMG_9566 IMG_9564 IMG_9563 IMG_9558 IMG_9554 IMG_9551 IMG_9549 IMG_9544 IMG_9542 IMG_9536 IMG_9531 IMG_9528 IMG_9526 IMG_9525 IMG_9523 IMG_9515 IMG_9512 IMG_9511 IMG_9509 IMG_9508 IMG_9498 IMG_9496 IMG_9490 IMG_9477 IMG_9474 IMG_9471 IMG_9460 IMG_9458 IMG_9453 IMG_9452 IMG_9449 IMG_9448 IMG_9446 IMG_9443 IMG_9442 IMG_9441 IMG_9433 IMG_9432 IMG_9429 IMG_9428 IMG_9427 IMG_9425 IMG_9417 IMG_9414 IMG_9408 IMG_9406


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