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There was a lot of young skill shown on the field at this match from both sides. Mungret ran out the winner. Look forward to seeing these play again.IMG_5023 IMG_5071 IMG_5067 IMG_5060 IMG_5058 IMG_5057 IMG_5056 IMG_5055 IMG_5054 IMG_5046 IMG_5043 IMG_5039 IMG_5037 IMG_5031 IMG_5029 IMG_5024IMG_5074  IMG_5128 IMG_5127 IMG_5125 IMG_5112 IMG_5111 IMG_5104 IMG_5103 IMG_5098 IMG_5088 IMG_5084 IMG_5078 IMG_5076IMG_5129IMG_5139IMG_5245IMG_5244IMG_5240IMG_5237IMG_5234IMG_5229IMG_5227IMG_5225IMG_5218IMG_5210IMG_5209IMG_5208IMG_5206IMG_5204IMG_5203IMG_5198IMG_5194IMG_5192IMG_5189IMG_5188IMG_5182IMG_5179IMG_5178IMG_5175IMG_5172IMG_5171IMG_5167IMG_5164IMG_5155IMG_5154IMG_5148IMG_5146IMG_5143IMG_5142


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