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Mungret St. Pauls 4-17 Na Piarsaigh 2-6

On Monday 31 July in the Mungret Senior pitch where a game of to halves were played, where the 14 wides by Mungret St. Pauls in the starting 30 minutes were forgotten about by the out scoring of Na Piarsaigh in the second half.

It was a week start for Mungret St. Pauls who took time to settle into the game letting Na Piarsaigh get the score board working it was not long before Mungret St. Pauls put their own score over from a free, 3 more tries for a point from Mungret St. Pauls but only one went over before the net in the Na Piarsaigh goal was shook. Not sitting back Na Piarsaigh took the ball from a puck out down the pitch to returning the sliotar to the Mungret St. Pauls goal. Mungret St. Pauls still had a lead but the score should have been well ahead by the first quarter with 10 wides notched up for Mungret St. Pauls. Na Piarsaigh got a second chance on a goal and took it giving them the lead for the first time in the game with Mungret St. Pauls putting pressure on Na Piarsaigh they started to send the ball to the side of the uprights. Mungret St. Pauls shot a great point over the bar to draw the game again but not for long as Na Piarsaigh was awarded a free that they converted followed by another point Mungret St. Pauls were chasing the game again until an opportune chance of the ball landing infront of the goal was sent flying to the back of the net again. Another gasping moment for Mungret St. Pauls was when the sliotar was struck and with the sharp ding of the cross bar the ball was sent back out to play, with the second chance saved the half time whistle blew.

Mungret St. Pauls only had a 2 point lead, it should have been more but they would have to work harder in the second half taking each chance more accurately. This second half was a much improved game where Mungret St. Pauls knuckled down and were tough on the Na Piarsaigh forwards protecting the goals at all times and only letting 2 points past from frees. Most of the game was played in the Na Piarsiagh half while Mungret St. Pauls were on a roll matching a third goal with 3 points from play. Na Piarsaigh’s challenge on our goal saw the ball out to the 65 which was struck to go over but was close to the cross bar, saved and sent back out to play, this resulted in another free for Na Piarsaigh on the 20 yard line and with Na Piarsaigh falling behind on score the only thing to go for was a goal but this too was expertly denied by our back line. In the last 10 minutes of the game Mungret St. Pauls really got into their stride winning the Na Piarsaigh puckouts and pointing each one. The last score of the game was to be Mungret St. Pauls forth goal followed by their third and forth wide of this half.

There is only one more game left in this group when we welcome Patrickswell to Mungret on the 14 August.


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