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Garryspillane 1-14 Mungret/St Pauls 1-10

A game of two halves is the only way this can be explained on Monday 18 July 2016. Mungret St. Pauls were on home ground when they entertained Garryspillane. It looked like Mungret St. Pauls were not at the game in the first half with the score at 1-10 to 0-4 to Garryspillane, but with tough words spoken at the half time they came out on the pitch a different team and gave a second half preformance that was deemed a good match. With Garryspillane having taken each previous game with big wins, Mungret St. Pauls were not going to let them do the same to them and held Garryspillane back to only getting another 4 points in the second half. Mungret St. Pauls added a great goal and 6 points in this half.

IMG_1684 IMG_1687 IMG_1689 IMG_1700 IMG_1701 IMG_1704 IMG_1707 IMG_1708 IMG_1711 IMG_1712 IMG_1713 IMG_1722 IMG_1723 IMG_1726 IMG_1730 IMG_1737 IMG_1762 IMG_1763 IMG_1767 IMG_1781 IMG_1785 IMG_1787 IMG_1791 IMG_1794 IMG_1795 IMG_1799 IMG_1801 IMG_1803 IMG_1809 IMG_1813 IMG_1817 IMG_1819 IMG_1821 IMG_1824 IMG_1835 IMG_1836 IMG_1841 IMG_1842 IMG_1850 IMG_1852 IMG_1859 IMG_1864 IMG_1868 IMG_1873 IMG_1884 IMG_1885 IMG_1888 IMG_1895 IMG_1901 IMG_1911 IMG_1917 IMG_1931 IMG_1933 IMG_1936 IMG_1937 IMG_1938 IMG_1939 IMG_1942 IMG_1947 IMG_1953 IMG_1955 IMG_1961 IMG_1967 IMG_1974 IMG_1977 IMG_1984 IMG_1993 IMG_1995 IMG_1997 IMG_1999 IMG_2000 IMG_2001 IMG_2008 IMG_2018 IMG_2020 IMG_2031 IMG_2032 IMG_2036 IMG_2049 IMG_2050 IMG_2059 IMG_2061 IMG_2065 IMG_2066 IMG_2067 IMG_2068 IMG_2069 IMG_2070 IMG_2080 IMG_2094 IMG_2108 IMG_2109 IMG_2111 IMG_2112 IMG_2113 IMG_2114 IMG_2120 IMG_2124 IMG_2131 IMG_2138 IMG_2148 IMG_2149 IMG_2151 IMG_2166 IMG_2167 IMG_2175 IMG_2190 IMG_2195 IMG_2196 IMG_2198 IMG_2200 IMG_2218 IMG_2219 IMG_2223 IMG_2224 IMG_2225 IMG_2227 IMG_2234 IMG_2235 IMG_2237 IMG_2249 IMG_2254 IMG_2264 IMG_2265 IMG_2271 IMG_2273 IMG_2275 IMG_2292 IMG_2298 IMG_2303 IMG_2304 IMG_2305 IMG_2308 IMG_2310 IMG_2311 IMG_2312 IMG_2316 IMG_2324 IMG_2334 IMG_2341 IMG_2347 IMG_2354 IMG_2370 IMG_2372


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