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St. Kierans 4-15 Mungret St. Pauls 4-12

On a lovely Monday evening on 8 August 2016 the U-16 footballers welcomed St. Kierans to the pitch where both teams put in a great performance. St. Kierans started strong taking early posession of the ball and not letting Mungret St. Pauls touch the ball untilSt. Kierans put up their first score. Near the end there was a 9 point difference between the two teams and it came to two perfectly placed balls in the back of the net from penalties to bring the score to Mungret St. Pauls only 3 points behind. If points were taken when the oppertunity arose during the game it would of made to a different result.

There is only one match left in this group, Newcastle West have completed all their matches and are left on 4 points with St. Kierans on an unbeaten record of 6 points, Kildimo Pallaskenry and Fr. Caseys are left to fight it out with Mungret St. Pauls with all three teams having won one and lost two matches each. Mungret St. Pauls are to play Fr. Caseys in their last match on Monday 22 in Abbeyfeale.

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