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Mungret St. Pauls 0-3 Ballybrown 0-7

On Monday 15 May the U-15 hurlers took the short journey to Ballybrown to play the hosts in there last match of the group. A win for either team ment they top the board. With everything to play for the team put a lot into the game with some remarkable play on the pitch Mungret St. Pauls never took advantage of the strong breeze in the front half and got unlucky in the breaking ball leaving Ballybrown coming out on top.

IMG_5342 IMG_5347 IMG_5352 IMG_5357 IMG_5358 IMG_5361 IMG_5364 IMG_5369 IMG_5371 IMG_5376 IMG_5379 IMG_5381 IMG_5388 IMG_5392 IMG_5396 IMG_5397 IMG_5400 IMG_5408 IMG_5412 IMG_5417 IMG_5421 IMG_5425 IMG_5426 IMG_5429 IMG_5433 IMG_5435 IMG_5440 IMG_5441 IMG_5444 IMG_5446 IMG_5448 IMG_5449 IMG_5450 IMG_5452 IMG_5453 IMG_5469 IMG_5470 IMG_5471 IMG_5473 IMG_5477 IMG_5478 IMG_5481 IMG_5483 IMG_5486 IMG_5491 IMG_5495 IMG_5500 IMG_5502 IMG_5513 IMG_5518 IMG_5519 IMG_5521 IMG_5524 IMG_5551 IMG_5552 IMG_5553 IMG_5563 IMG_5573 IMG_5577 IMG_5579 IMG_5581 IMG_5585 IMG_5592 IMG_5596 IMG_5599 IMG_5601


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