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Mungret St. Pauls 5-8 Newcastle West 1-2

Managing to get to the final was a dedicated task from both players and coaches they have reaped the reward with taking home the Féile Football trophy. After playing great matches coming into the final they played their best match of all on Sunday 23 April in Claughaun when faced with Newcastle West.

Mungret St. Pauls settled into the game straight away and with only 5 minutes on the clock had already scored a goal and a point. Newcasle West did not make the best of their chances of scoring and Mungret St. Pauls took advantage of this working the ball back up the field and pointing it. At the 10 minute mark of the game Mungret St. Pauls were well ahead having struck their second goal joined by 3 points, Newcastle West failed to point their frees and were only able to send the ball over the bar twice.

The second half was much the same as the first with Mungret St. Pauls sending in great ball to the mid field and forwards where it was being aimed at the uprights. The backs were working together and displacing the ball out the wing.

Well done to this great team who do not have long to celebrate as they prepare for the Féile hurling final back in Claughaun on Sunday 30 April at 5.30pm against Monaleen.

Team; Kieran Bolger, Conor White, Darragh O’Connor, Ciaran Uwatse, Jack McCarthy, Frank Corcoran, Oisin Moss, Colin Rochford, Billy Molineaux, Daragh Bridgeman, James Killian, Conor Brennan, Conor O’Halloran, Liam Lynch, Mark Moroney, Cillian O’Gorman, Jason Hassett, Cian Marnane, Eoin Hennessy, Andrew Donnellan, David Guilfoyle, Paddy Roache, Fionn O’Dwyer, Jack Somers, Liam Moran, Mark Supple, Ryan O’Connell.

Managers; John Rochford, Mike Brennan, Ken O’Connor, Martin White, Billy Mangan.

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