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Mungret St. Pauls 6-9 Dromcollogher/ Broadford 5-2

The Division 3 team had the home advantage against Dromcollogher/ Broadford on Wednesday June 9 and with the fantastic weather could not of asked for a better day. This game was a pleasure to watch with some great skill from both sides and every player getting their turn on the pitch. The true winners of this match were the players on the pitch who gave everything and finished with pride knowing they had done their best. This for the Mungret St. Pauls team gave them the win. Well done to both teams, their coaches and the ref on the night, along with the supporters who were encouraging toward the players.IMG_0423 IMG_0428 IMG_0445 IMG_0454 IMG_0455 IMG_0470 IMG_0478 IMG_0488 IMG_0492 IMG_0449 IMG_0441 IMG_0497 IMG_0501 IMG_0504 IMG_0515 IMG_0521 IMG_0523 IMG_0530 IMG_0533 IMG_0543 IMG_0552 IMG_0556 IMG_0560 IMG_0567 IMG_0568 IMG_0581 IMG_0583 IMG_0590 IMG_0585 IMG_0601 IMG_0602 IMG_0604 IMG_0605 IMG_0607 IMG_0611 IMG_0622 IMG_0624 IMG_0631 IMG_0635 IMG_0638 IMG_0648 IMG_0652 IMG_0667 IMG_0668 IMG_0676 IMG_0677 IMG_0680 IMG_0681 IMG_0686 IMG_0687 IMG_0701 IMG_0709 IMG_0713 IMG_0714 IMG_0716 IMG_0717 IMG_0728 IMG_0729 IMG_0730 IMG_0731 IMG_0737 IMG_0738 IMG_0747 IMG_0751 IMG_0754 IMG_0755 IMG_0757 IMG_0758 IMG_0759 IMG_0760 IMG_0761 IMG_0766 IMG_0768 IMG_0777 IMG_0784 IMG_0785 IMG_0787 IMG_0789 IMG_0791 IMG_0792IMG_0796  IMG_0803 IMG_0806 IMG_0807 IMG_0810 



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