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Mungret St. Pauls 3-8 Bruff 3-3

On Sunday 25 September Mungret St. Pauls U-13 team faced their toughest team so far in the group and gave what has to be from both sides a fantastic display of hurling from such young players. The goals that went in were hard to stop, U-13’s were playing for their first year in the senior goals. It was the points where our players won this game. This team is one to watch. Well done. Photos of the Bruff match are on our website.

img_1295 img_1299 img_1305 img_1306 img_1307 img_1319 img_1327 img_1342 img_1344 img_1356 img_1358 img_1371 img_1374 img_1387 img_1382 img_1389 img_1391 img_1393 img_1394 img_1395 img_1396 img_1397 img_1401 img_1405 img_1408 img_1409 img_1414 img_1415 img_1417 img_1422 img_1423 img_1428 img_1433 img_1434 img_1444 img_1447 img_1448 img_1452 img_1457 img_1458 img_1462 img_1463 img_1467 img_1471 img_1472 img_1481 img_1486 img_1495 img_1497 img_1500 img_1521 img_1522 img_1525 img_1533 img_1540 img_1542 img_1545 img_1546 img_1566 img_1569 img_1574 img_1575 img_1577 img_1580 img_1585 img_1605 img_1616-6x4


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