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If you attended on Saturday 15 October to support the U-10 hurling tournament you were not disappointed, not only did the weather stay dry but the skill that was displayed on the day was spectacular.

This celebration of hurling is only in its second year which is dedicated to our club President Pa O’Brien who is a loyal supporter of hurling. We thank Pa and all the O’Brien family who attended on the day to show their support.

There were 2 matches played at the same time. First up saw Broadford against Mungret St. Pauls Red team where the home team were defeated after a great effort, at the same time Sixmilebridge were taking on Dromin Athlacca who were unable to make an impact on the strong Sixmilebridge team. The next game had our second team (white) play against Dromin Athlacca who made up for the loss in their first match. Broadford were playing a fresh onto the field Newtown Shandrum who left their mark on the score board.

The final matches in the groups had both Mungret St. Pauls teams out with Red playing a strong Newtown Shandrum team and the white team played an equally strong Sixmilebridge team.

After a break were everyone was well fed and rested with many thanks from the parents and helpers in the kitchen who kept the tea supplied, the finals were played. There were 3 finals where each team were closely matched with only a few points separating them by the final whistle. Sixmilebridge were crowned overall winners taking home the Pa O’Brien Cup when they narrowly edged out Newtown Shandrum. Dromin Athlacca had a tough challenge against an equally strong Broadford side with Broadford just missing out on a win by a single point. The third match were no stranger to each other as the Mungret St. Pauls White and Red teams played a competitive match against each other.

We would like to Thank all the U-10 coaches who organised this event which was ran very well. To the catering helpers along with everyone who supplied sandwiches and treats. Not forgetting the referees, who with out them we could not of ran the event. An extra thank you to Ken Crowley the photographer on the day. The biggest Thanks goes to the players and their coaches for traveling to Mungret and putting in a great effort on the pitch and also to our generous sponsors, Supermacs for coming on board.

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