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On Sunday 23 October our club welcomed a host of U-12 hurlers from St. Josephs Doorabarefield, Eire Og from Nenagh and Clarecastle for the 10th year of the tournament.  Each team got to play each other with the overall result on a league style.
The tournament began in 2006 which was the first and only time Mungret St. Pauls won the cup.  it is a great way to celebrate the sportsmanship of a past player who made such an impact on the Limerick GAA scene, earning 4 Munster titles, playing in the 1973 All Ireland winning team and winning an All Star.  He is still a Mungret St. Pauls supporter and had the pleasure to hand the trophy over to the Mungret St. Pauls captain Jason Hassett.
There were many exceptional players on the day but the overall player of the tournament went to Mungret Captain, Jason Hassett.  We had many great performers on the day, such as David Guilfoyle and Fintan Fitzgerald but teamwork was the catalyst that got Mungret over the line.  The style and commitment was from the top drawer with some stand out moments, Mark Buckelys diving hook, Jack Horgan last gasp clearance of the line, the kicked points of JJ Harrington, the one touch point from Mark O’Brien or the flick up to John Wright at full speed.  This team has moved the bar up after this performance and should take great confidence from the win.
A special word of thanks to Helen McKeogh and the hardworking Parents of our U-12 group who kept the parents and supporters warm with the tea and food, to the referees Seamus Hayes and Martin Doherty, also to our coaches for organising the tournament. Our biggest thank you to our sponsors O’Malley Griffin Insurance Brokers.

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