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Mungret St.Pauls opened the match in the first few minutes with a goal, which is the same way Garryspillane opened their quarter final match. To play this match the players had to have strength, courage and a thick skin and that was only to fight the winter weather that was relentless for the whole match.

Half time both sides were even and with no assistance from the strong winds which were coming across the pitch it came down to the more determined side to win. Mungret St. Pauls kept control of the match keeping it in the Garryspillane half, Garryspillane took advantage of miss directed ball and only managed one more point where Mungret St Pauls putting everything into this match prevailed with the win and progress to the Féile final with their 3 point lead.
They now meet Ballybrown in the Féile final with time and venue to be confirmed. These teams last met at the U13 County final in October where Mungret St. Pauls won on the score 1-04 to 0-05. This Final will be a match to attend as both clubs aim for the same goal.
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