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We held our Centra Skills Camp in July where it was well attended with over 80 girls and boys from ages of 4 to 12 years. This 3 day camp was blessed with sunshine. On the last day the Centra Skills cage was used by all to test their skill. This was followed by the U6 and U8 colouring competition results while the older children got a chance to soak their coaches. This was followed by a round of icecream. Thank you to all who helped make this such a successful camp.  IMG_0659IMG_0666 IMG_0667 IMG_0669IMG_0671 IMG_0673 IMG_0685IMG_0709IMG_0677 IMG_0680IMG_0684  IMG_0692 IMG_0697 IMG_0701 IMG_0703  IMG_0706  IMG_0699IMG_0710           IMG_0891IMG_0890IMG_0886IMG_0888IMG_0900IMG_0895                    IMG_0874IMG_0877 IMG_0879IMG_0884 IMG_0867IMG_0871  IMG_0862IMG_0865 IMG_0861  IMG_0850IMG_0856 IMG_0855 IMG_0853 IMG_0851  IMG_0834IMG_0842 IMG_0844 IMG_0849 IMG_0838 IMG_0829IMG_0827 IMG_0825IMG_0833    IMG_0818IMG_0821 IMG_0813 IMG_0811IMG_0816   IMG_0809IMG_0797 IMG_0806 IMG_0802 IMG_0800  IMG_0775IMG_0767IMG_0778IMG_0781 IMG_0779   IMG_0754IMG_0751IMG_0772 IMG_0769  IMG_0762 IMG_0761 IMG_0759 IMG_0749    IMG_0727IMG_0747IMG_0735IMG_0753  IMG_0739 IMG_0737 IMG_0733IMG_0743 IMG_0732  IMG_0721IMG_0724   IMG_0718IMG_0902IMG_0903IMG_0907IMG_0909IMG_0910IMG_0915IMG_0917IMG_0919IMG_0925IMG_0924IMG_0931IMG_0927IMG_0932IMG_0943IMG_0934IMG_0947IMG_0944IMG_0957IMG_0958IMG_0960IMG_0961IMG_0949IMG_0962 IMG_0965  IMG_0969IMG_0973 IMG_0974 IMG_0972 IMG_0975 IMG_0979 IMG_0983 IMG_0986  IMG_1004 IMG_1006 IMG_1008  IMG_1010  IMG_1012IMG_1023 IMG_1019


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