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A great day for a kick around in the parish of Knockea. Mungret St. Pauls took control from the off. The ball did not see much of our backs. With Mungret St. Pauls well ahead they knew they had rattled their opposition. South Liberties was not having a good game with every one of their frees and attempts at a point going wide of the crossbar. They were awarded a penality in the first half which was converted to their first score of the match. In the second half Mungret St.Pauls took off again but South Liberties seem to have renewed power preventing Mungret St. Pauls getting any score on the board but not for long as they powered back encouraging younger players to take on the scoring role. South Liberties managed to sneek in a second goal from a free. A successful match for the boys bringing them to the semi final of the shield. Final score Mungret St. Pauls 8-20 to South Liberties 2-00.

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