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 The U14s had a practice match against Ballybrown. It was a match of 3 halves but unfortunately the neighbours had the victory in this one.IMG_8925 IMG_8931 IMG_8938 IMG_8980 IMG_8982 IMG_8989 IMG_8992 IMG_8993 IMG_8997 IMG_8999 IMG_9004 IMG_9008 IMG_9014 IMG_9018 IMG_9026 IMG_9033 IMG_9044 IMG_9046 IMG_9058 IMG_9067 IMG_9074 IMG_9085 IMG_9091 IMG_9098 IMG_9101 IMG_9105 IMG_9109 IMG_9113 IMG_9122 IMG_9124 IMG_9125 IMG_9126 IMG_9128 IMG_9133 IMG_9141 IMG_9149 IMG_9151 IMG_9155 IMG_9163 IMG_9186 IMG_9191 IMG_9194 IMG_9200 IMG_9221 IMG_9225 IMG_9229 IMG_9239 IMG_9243 IMG_9246 IMG_9258 IMG_9260 IMG_9261 IMG_9262 IMG_9280 IMG_9284 IMG_9288 IMG_9294 IMG_9301 IMG_9302 IMG_9304 IMG_9305 IMG_9307 IMG_9315 IMG_9317 IMG_9332 IMG_9334


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