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Hospital was the setting for this dramatic match. This team were well prepared (As was the ref with his warm up). They were up against Galbally. Mungret put the first score on the board . The backs were put under pressure and Galbally put some numbers on the scoreboard. This team worked well together. They had to battle hard but Galbally got though some gaps. It was not until the last few minutes that Galbally got the score difference built up, our defences were low and they took advantage. Well done to this team and management on getting to the final a disappointing loss for them. Put this match behind you and look to next year. The team on the night. Stephen Barry, Gearoid Hanrahan, Louis Dee, David Bridgeman, Evan Barrett, David Aherne, Cillian O’Malley, Josh O’Rahilly, Daniel Larkin, Cian Barry, Kieran O’Dowd, Colm Quilligan, Shane Barry, Darragh O’Grady, Eoin Ryan, Ronan Gallery, Cillian Kennedy, Conor Molloy, Patrick Hassett, Tom Scanlon, Chams Jagana, Kevin Dowling. Management Dan Larkin, Tom Bridgeman and Albert O’Grady.



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