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Mungret St Pauls 1-10 Monaleen 2-02
In Monaleen this was the first match for the U14s in the Féile competition. Monaleen started the score board going with Mungret St. Pauls matching. With the strong wind against them in the first half it took a while for the team to settle into the match, they were urged on by Monaleen scoring a goal. The first half finished with a tight score of 1-02 to 0-03 to Monaleen.
The second half was a different match with the benefit of the wind. Mungret St Pauls was a much improved outfit and that showed in the score as Monaleen backs were under a lot of pressure trying to hold our boys back. Monaleen managed to get one more goal in just before the full time whistle.
They next face Patrickswell/ Garryspillane on Sunday April 10th at 12pm in Knocklong.
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