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These guys met each other last week at our home pitch so knew they were of equal matching. The Mungret lads put in a great performance in the 3 part match. Darkness called an end to the match with the Mungret team only 2 points behind.IMG_6068 IMG_6060 IMG_6058 IMG_6057 IMG_6042 IMG_6032 IMG_6031 IMG_6029 IMG_6028 IMG_6022 IMG_6021 IMG_6020 IMG_6018 IMG_6014 IMG_6012 IMG_6009 IMG_6008 IMG_6004 IMG_6000 IMG_5991 IMG_5989 IMG_5984 IMG_5981 IMG_5980 IMG_5976 IMG_5969 IMG_5961 IMG_5957 IMG_5948 IMG_5946 IMG_5944 IMG_5940 IMG_5938 IMG_5937 IMG_5932 IMG_5930 IMG_5929 IMG_5923 IMG_5921 IMG_5920 IMG_5916 IMG_5910 IMG_5908 IMG_5903 IMG_5901 IMG_5889 IMG_5884 IMG_5880 IMG_5879 IMG_5875 IMG_5867 IMG_5865 IMG_5864 IMG_5863 IMG_5862 IMG_5861 IMG_5860 IMG_5859


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