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Mungret St. Pauls Medal Presentation
On Saturday night in the Southcourt Hotel, Mungret St Pauls held a presentation night to honour their young County winning teams in Camogie, Football, Ladies Football and Hurling.
There was a great crowd on the night to celebrate with the winning teams. With MC Donal Fitzgibbon on duty everything ran smoothly. Present on the night were Peter Sheehan, Limerick Ladies Football Chairman, from Limerick Bord na nOg Breda Breen, Denis Carroll and Gerry McNamara,Limerick Camogie Vice Chairman Maurice Barrett, Cllr Daniel Butler, Niall Collins, Deputy mayor Ger Sheehan and many more.
The ladies Football medals were presented by Limerick players Martina and Olivia Giltinane who also represent Mungret St.Pauls. The teams receiving medals were the U14, U16 and Minor County winners.
The Juvenile Football U16 County Shield winners were handed their medals by recently retired Kilkenny Hurler Richie Power, who also presented medals to the hurlers in the U13, U14 and U16 winning County teams and the U14 Féile team.It was a busy night with many players on 2 or more teams.
The Little Giants Band followed the raffle which finished off the night perfectly. We would like to acknowledge our supporters who we could not survive as a club with out. O’Malley Griffin Insurance Broker, Dore Financial, Limerick Motor Centre, Ryans Centra Raheen, Supermacs Dooradoyle, Pat Tiernan Motors and Collins Bar. There were many on the committee who had the night running like clockwork, we appreciate all the work they put into the night individually and as a team. Most importantly to the players, their coaches and parents who without them there would not of been a night to celebrate. We look forward to the year ahead and what it brings.
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