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Being part of the Healthy club the logo says “GAA is Community”, Mungret St.Pauls can firmly stand behind that after the fantastic weekend of football.
Our Boys and Girls at U-14 represented the club with great pride, this was helped on by the adults involved, the coaches, parents and the many volunteers the club have that come together without complaints to give a hand weither it is to get the pitches ready, doing the score board, getting food organised and serving it with many cups of tea, sweeping the floor, and many other jobs that may not be noticed that go on. A special thank you to all our host families who took in the children (and bus driver) of the visiting teams. It can be hard to get your own child organised and ready for a weekend of football matches without adding more into the mix, The visiting clubs Thank you for minding their children and delivering them safely and happy back to their parents.
We kept you up to date on facebook, twitter, clubify and word of mouth on the brilliant progress all four teams made. Our visitors were St. Malachy’s, Castledawson Co Derry boys and no stranger to our ladies football were Termon from Donegal.
Both the boys teams reached the semi final for the shield where they ended up having to play each other and after coaches loosing voices and an epic battle from both sides on the pitch St. Malachy’s just pulled ahead by 2 points to get to the final where they met with a strong Thomas Davis team from Dublin and were crowned the runners up.
The girls were in semi finals also with Termon going for the cup and our own Mungret St. Pauls girls going for the shield. The Termon girls took a loss at the semi final by a mere 1 point to RGU Downpatrick who went on to win.
Our Ladies Football played their hearts out on the pitches and received the Shield for all the effort, courage and determination they put into their game. They had a convincing win over Gaultier from Waterford on the Friday and played them again in the semi final where they worked hard and won with a 3 point lead. The final saw them play St. Ailbhes from Killinure and our girls never gave St. Ailbhes a chance with a Shield winning score of Mungret St. Pauls 4-4 to St. Ailbhes 0-1.
Congratulations to the Ladies football on this great win, we must not forget the boys who like the girls put in a lot of training to prepare for this weekend. Both teams deserve to take a few days break from training and let the weekend sink in.
A BIG THANK YOU goes to the Bord na nOg who organised this great weekend for all the U-14 players and coaches. To all our own coaches who attended many meeting together to ensure the smooth running of the weekend, to our visitors who were a delight to entertain and presented their club proudly, to our parents, supporters and many volunteers who helped out and supported all the teams. The biggest thank you goes to the players who gave very obstacle their best effort and never let their passion for the sport fail. Well done to all the boys and girls your club is very proud of you.

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