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It is here, the commemorative book compiled by Gerry McNamara ( who is available at a reasonable price to autograph your copy) of the history of the last 30 years since the Community Centre was built. Well worth a read- guaranteed you will find something about the club or the people in the club that you never knew before.
At a great price of only €10. They will be available during our 3 day camp from Monday 3 July to Wednesday 5 July and in the club shop every Saturday morning 11.30am to 12.30pm.
Get your copy now before they are gone.
Available at;
Mungret Post Office
Club shop (open 11.30am to 12.30pm every Saturday)
Clubhouse bar every monday night from 9.30pm on
Noreen Moriarity, Raheen- 087-6228396
Gerry McNamara, Raheen- 085-1901900
Kathleen Dowling, Gouldavoher- 086-3601478
Teresa O’Brien, Mungret- 061-353898
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