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U13 Camogie
Last Sunday brought the U13 girls to Mungret for their final against Monaleen after seeing the u11 playing beforehand they knew they had their work cut out for them. Throughout the whole match none of the girls gave up they fought very hard for the ball and supported each other. The sliotar was sent from one end of the pitch to the other with two very evenly matched teams. Last year they had to go to extra time and yet again this year after the final whistle it was a draw again. Onto extratime again. Shortly after the start of the first half a goal was scored for Mungret but the girls knew it was not enough to win and they kept their fight up. Monaleen scored a point just before half time to narrow the gap. The game was still there to be won with only the 2 points in it to Mungret. With a lot of narrow escapes at both goals the ball eventually fell over the Mungret goal line to pull Monaleen ahead by 1 point. Unfortunately this is where it stayed for our players. Every one of them put their all into it and were unlucky to not win. They did their coaches, parents and club proud. Well done girls we look for to you going for Féile next year.
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