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U-14 Camogie

Posted in: Camogie, Gallery 22 May

After a titanic battle that went to extra time our U14’s lost out to Blackrock/ Effin in the League Cup semifinal Tuesday 16 May on a scoreline of 2-5 to 2-0. This bunch of girls deserve huge credit for the hard work and effort they have put into there Camogie over the last few months . Camogie Abu

IMG_5604 IMG_5609 IMG_5617 IMG_5624 IMG_5629 IMG_5630 IMG_5632 IMG_5637 IMG_5639 IMG_5640 IMG_5644 IMG_5647 IMG_5650 IMG_5663 IMG_5664 IMG_5667 IMG_5669 IMG_5677 IMG_5690 IMG_5691 IMG_5697 IMG_5702 IMG_5708 IMG_5718 IMG_5727 IMG_5733 IMG_5734 IMG_5739 IMG_5744 IMG_5749 IMG_5805 IMG_5815 IMG_5816 IMG_5835 IMG_5837 IMG_5843 IMG_5845 IMG_5864 IMG_5888 IMG_5898 IMG_5901 IMG_5908 IMG_5911 IMG_5917 IMG_5926 IMG_5928 IMG_5944 IMG_5945 IMG_5946 IMG_5958 IMG_5959 IMG_5960 IMG_5978 IMG_5982 IMG_5986 IMG_5990 IMG_5993 IMG_6001 IMG_6004 IMG_6012 IMG_6014 IMG_6019 IMG_6020 IMG_6021 IMG_6023 IMG_6026 IMG_6029 IMG_6033 IMG_6034 IMG_6044 IMG_6048 IMG_6054 IMG_6055 IMG_6057 IMG_6062 IMG_6064 IMG_6065 IMG_6074 IMG_6075 IMG_6083 IMG_6084 IMG_6085 IMG_6096 IMG_6097 IMG_6100 IMG_6101 IMG_6109 IMG_6111 IMG_6114 IMG_6115 IMG_6116 IMG_6118 IMG_6119 IMG_6141


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