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Our U13 camogie team played Granagh Ballingarry in the U13 “B” County Final on bank holiday Monday 31 October in the front pitch at South Liberties. We put in a few early attacks but quickly found ourselves up against a level of defending that we had not encountered to date in this competition. The possession stakes were roughly 50-50 for the first 15 minutes, but we had nothing to show for our efforts against 2 Granagh Ballingarry goals. It was in the remaining few minutes of the first half that our opponents stepped up the pace, tacking on a further 1-2 while continuing to repulse everything we could throw at them. When a fourth goal went in just after the resumption the issue was effectively decided, though the avalanche that might have been expected to follow never materialized as every one of our players fought tooth and nail for every ball. While we were beaten in the end by a superior team, this group of girls continue to improve and are undoubtedly travelling in the right direction. The panel was Amy O’Halloran, Caoimhe Holmes, Aoife Ryan, Ella Mason, Ciara Brennan, Brona Byrne (capt), Zoe Page, Tara Nealon, Leah Nolan, Amy Connolly, Jenny Ryan, Ciara O’Keeffe, Grace O’Keeffe, Aisling McGuinness, Aela Gleeson, Holly Roche, Aoife Long, Caoimhe Nestor, Caoimhe O’Rourke, Lucy Connolly, Saoirse Casey.

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